Review: Like the Red Sky at Morning (Forget Me Not #2) by Brielle Sky



If you go back to my review of the first book and have now read both, I would just like a moment to gloat that I was, in fact, correct about my predictions.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…teehee…

I did enjoy this book. Perhaps not as much as the first one…wait….maybe I need to clarify that…I HATED what was going on in the first book (My review of Book 1) but the fact that it made me so angry and feel so passionate about what was happening really made me appreciate the book. I didn’t feel outrage and anger during the reading of this novel, so I’m sad to say, it didn’t move me as much…but don’t think I didn’t enjoy it! I did enjoy it.

***Spoilers without spoilers*** If I had any complaints it would only be that I don’t necessarily see how Isaac could know the things he knew about the man Max was dating at the end and just leave it at that…regardless of the past or anything else…

I also wish that this book had been wrapped up nicely in this 2nd installment…It’s pretty obvious to me that there will be a third book (provided this one does well and I hope it does) to finally wrap up the ending. If not we’re all doomed to loose countless nights worrying about people that might or might not come back to ruin the HEA ending…

I saw everything coming in this book…even if Max didn’t…I saw the betrayals that many she considered closest to her were committing…all throughout both books…does that make it any less of a good book? Perhaps….

However, did it make me enjoy it less or wish I hadn’t bothered with it? Not at all! I really enjoyed this book and I am still waiting on Brielle Skye’s next book! I’ll be sure to crack it open almost as soon as I get word about it…just as I did this one…There’s not many books that don’t spend some time on my TBR piles (I just have so many great choices!!!! It’s not the books’ fault!!!!) However, Ms. Skyes books have never resided there…they are always quickly read…as I’m sure the next one will be…

Until next time…

Urania xx

ARC provided by the author for an honest review

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