Review: The Wedding Sisters by Jamie Brenner

This is a reader’s book for sure. English professor Hugh and wife Meryl have three daughters: Meg, Amy, and Jo. Sound familiar? 🙂 

When the three young ladies accept marriage proposals from their respective – and wealthy and socially prominent – boyfriends, a triple wedding is planned. 

I very much enjoyed the characters and the plot outline in this book. The writing was technically excellent, and the dialogue was on point. But there was something imperfect about it. Part of my struggle was that I thought this book was going to be quirky and fun, but it didn’t quite make it there. Brenner maybe needed to write with a little more jaunt and insouciance. Or if whimsical wasn’t the goal, more dramatic and saga-type scenes would have helped me identify the mood. 

Brenner did impress me by keeping the characters true to themselves, right up until the very end. I appreciate an author who will take a risk with every single character, making them face their own truths in order to be authentic to the people around them. ❤



4 thoughts on “Review: The Wedding Sisters by Jamie Brenner

  1. I know when I read a re-imagining of a classic novel I expect it to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, especially if it is marketed that way, So it can be off putting to me if it isn’t. And I have read re-imaginings that are serious, but they work best if they make the tone clear from the beginning.

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