Review: Ramsay by Mia Sheridan

01 aram“Sometimes forgiveness meant letting go. Sometimes forgiveness meant holding on.”

Mia Sheridan is an autobuy for me. Her stories are so unique and always leave me in awe. Her characters are real. Far from perfect, but so very real. And Ramsay definitely fits right in with the rest of them.

Brogan Ramsay came from meager beginnings. He worked hard to provide for his family. But, in an instant, a deception took it all away. He then had to make tough decisions and choices in order to stay alive. But he never forgot who put him in this position. He vowed to pay them back ten fold. Revenge is his goal.

Lydia De Havilland made a mistake that cost her dearly. She has lived with the knowledge all her life and when the chance for redemption comes to her, she’ll do anything she can to get the boy she loved back. No matter how she is treated, she sucks it up and does what she needs to be done, in order to make amends.

Goodness, my heart was aching throughout this story. The heartache. The sheer pain of loss. The actions of loved ones was truly a sight to behold. Love makes you do things that any sane person wouldn’t. Let’s be honest, when you’re in love, you go a little crazy. Brogan did things for love. He spent his entire adult life doing things because he loved.

I read this book in one sitting. I couldn’t tear my eyes from it. I was sucked in and I felt every emotion possible. There were times I wanted to scream and then I wanted to cry. Revenge has a way of making things intense. Intense and passion. Let me tell you. This story has passion. Man, oh man, did it ever. There’s a fine line between love and hate, and this story danced on that line.

“I wake up feeling hungry in that way I promised myself I’d never feel hungry again. Only this hunger can only be satisfied by you, and I’m…I’m not sure what to do about that.”


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