Review ~ Before I Wake by C.L Taylor. 

C.L Taylor is perhaps better known in the U.K, but I believe she is going to be a popular author over this side of the pond as well. Befor I Wake, or The Accident, as it’s called in the U.K., focuses on a 17 year old girl who is in a coma after an apparent suicide attempt. Charlotte’s family are trying to come to terms with not only the medical issues, but also the fact that Charlotte felt the need to jump out in front of a bus.

However, it’s when Charlotte’s mum, Susan, finds her daughter’s diary with “I can’t keep this secret much longer” written down, that the real mystery begins. 

Was Charlotte’s accident an act of malice, or a tragic case of not having the will to live? 

This is an interesting read. It presents dual narratives and the characters are given a good amount of room to breathe and develop. 

A quick and simple read, this is great for those summer days sitting in your garden with a nice iced drink! 



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