Review: The Matchmaker’s Playbook by Rachel VanDyken

01 amatWhat if the villain turns out to be less villainous and more hero?

When Gabi starts to work for Wingman, she is forced to start get closer to her nemesis, Lex. She needs to be trained in the art of seduction and unfortunately that means she needs to be trained from the head villain himself.

Lex has always been the villain in this story, but somehow the more times he spends with Gabi, the more time he realizes that she just may be what he’s been looking for.

I love enemies to lovers. There’s a certain amount of angst involved that keeps the story going. I mean, the guy’s name is Lex. Of course he’s gonna be the enemy of the story! But even the villains can have soft spots for the heroine.

Watching these two interact was making me smile. I enjoyed the texts and banter so much. I loved the way that Lex cared, even though he didn’t want anyone to know. Deep down, he was a good guy who needed a good girl to bring it out of him.

“And the damsel fell in love with the villain. Write that, Disney.”


Buy The Matchmaker’s Playbook HERE.

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