Review ~ In a Dark, Dark Wood, by Ruth Ware. 

We’re now approaching late summer and it now seems to be the perfect time to get in those last fast paced, thrilling reads. Ruth Ware’s debut thriller, is sure to fit the bill. I can’t even remember how I came across this book, but right from the start, the title, and cover art, really pulled me in. The plot, very reminiscent in an Agatha Christie kind of way, sounded fun, easy and interesting; centering around a hen party (a British term for a bachelorette party), comprising of old school friends who haven’t seen each other in years, Ware takes us on a journey to hell. The opening few pages start with a character waking up in a hospital, so we immediately know that something has gone terribly wrong. 

The novel takes a fairly standard format: we alternate between the present and the past in order to keep us guessing and to keep the flow of the plot. Like I said above, this has a very familiar feel of Agatha Christie to it – a cozy mystery but just turned up a few notches. The characters are well written for this type of novel; enough depth in order to get to know them, but not enough to really care if one of them gets the chop. In some novels this would be a detriment, but as this is a very plot driven read, it works rather well. 

I listened to this via audible and the narrator was excellent, really distinguishing each character. I’ve also just read that there is going to be a movie produced, which actually, in the right hands, could turn out rather well. 

Pick up this book, get a glass of wine, and enjoy the last few weeks of sun! 

~ Pegasus

In a Dark, Dark Wood

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