Review ~ Complicit, by Nicci French. 

After the end of the YearThatShallNotBeMentioned, I wanted to start 2017 with a bang, and how better to do that than settling down with comfort, with suspense and with good writing. This criteria has always been satisfied by Nicci French, the husband and wife author duo who take on the first name of the wife, and last name of the husband (professionally speaking). 

Complicit opens as it means to go on; we’re immediately thrown into action and suspense. Bonnie finds herself in her friend’s apartment, standing over a rather dead body. What happened to this person? Does Bonnie bear any responsibility? Who else could be the murderer? 

Therein we explore the events leading up to the discovery, and indeed after the discovery. Each chapter is a before and after. I know some people hate alternate timelines, but it really works here, and it immediately creates suspense and page turning. 

I won’t explain too much more regarding the plot as it’ll spoil the suspense filled back and forth, but I will say that tempers are flared, heat rises and relationships are brought to the brink! 

Until next time, 



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