Review: The Cottage at Firefly Lake by Jen Gilroy

Sometimes you just want some easy reading. Maybe you just finished something heavy, or maybe your life is a little crazy and an effortless read is just what the doctor ordered. The Cottage at Firefly Lake is your medicine, baby. 

After her mother’s death, Charlotte returns to her family’s summer cottage to get it ready for the real estate market. She runs into teenage sweetheart Sean, whose family business is in town – has always been and will forever be. Their past love is now colored by adult responsibilities and expectations… and emotional baggage. 

Though the plot and writing were very simple, I enjoyed the way Gilroy seamlessly wove in the lakeside setting and that vacation-y feeling.  She also did a great job including Charlotte and Sean’s families. Even though the main plot line was about a possible romance between the couple, Gilroy gave the supporting characters meaningful and fun roles. 

I think Gilroy went a little heavy on trite romance novel phrases, but I can forgive that for a first-in-a-series. With a little more originality, Gilroy could have a series that sits up with Robyn Carr’s Virgin River books. I sure hope so! 



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