Review: The Romeo Catchers by Alys Arden


I love vampires.  And witches.  And scary stuff in general.  But I also love history.  And when all those things are wrapped around a great story set in New Orleans, it’s usually a winner for me.

This is the sequel to The Casquette Girls, another outstanding story.  So if you haven’t read that one, stop right now and go read it.  It’s not an absolute necessity, but it makes this one so much easier to follow.

The Casquette Girls

But back to this one…

The story picks up shortly after the first one.  It’s several months after Hurricane Katrina.  Nicco and his vampire kin are safely tucked back into the attic at the Ursuline Convent.  So all should be well.  But of course it’s not.  A new danger is lurking in the city.  And all roads lead back to the Medici.  Adele and Isaac’s relationship is tested as she can’t get away from her memories of Nicco.  Will their love, and the coven, be strong enough to survive?

This is a looong book.  But anything less would have left out too many important details.  I love the author’s knowledge of the city and the way her words pull you in.  I could feel myself walking along the dark streets of the French Quarter, just waiting for something to jump out.  The sights, sounds, and smells are all there.  And that cover!  I’ve been waiting for this sequel for a very long time.  And now I begin waiting for the next one…


Buy It Now:  The Romeo Catchers

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