Review ~ The Silent Child, by Sarah A. Denzil.

How would you react if your child, that you had long assumed dead, suddenly comes back to you years later? Well, that’s the key question that Denzil explores in her novel, The Silent Child.

I won’t go into too many details on the plot, but I will say that is one of those books where the plot and wanting to know what happens next, really played an integral part of this exciting read.

The pace is appropriate in all the right places, characters are fleshed out fairly well, and whilst a tad predictable, the emotional impact and tribulation of the main character, tended to make up for any sarcastic “oh, what a surprise” moments.

I actually listened to this on audio, and the narrator, actress Joanna Frogget, really brought all the characters to life and injected real emotion and authenticity into her narration. I think this helped make what could have possibly been an average (a good average) 3 Star read into a really good 4 Star read.

Pick up your copy now (I really recommend the audio if possible) and be prepared for a sleepless night as you read “just one more chapter” in order to absorb this thrilling and emotional story.


The Silent Child

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