Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!! Let me start out by saying that personally last year sucked. With all the medical issues floating around my family, I’m lucky I was able to even focus on reading. But the reviewing is where I fell down at. A few of the Muses moved on to bigger and better things and I fully expected myself to pick up the open places. But then life hit me with a 2×4. So I apologize for not. My family and me sanity came first. But 2020 is looking to be a fun year so I’m crossing my fingers I can fall back into this smoothly. So bare with me, please.

I spent New Year’s Day going through my Goodreads Want To Read shelf and got rid of 100s of extra books that I know in my heart I will never read. Then I proceeded to make a TBR jar of stars to help with what was left. I’m going to read a lot of backlisted books that I’ve been wanting to read, and I can’t wait! Of course I will still read new ones and review them as well, even if it’s just a quick paragraph or two. Baby steps, right?

I also connected my Instagram page to the FB page, so when I post bookstagram pics, I’ll share them so you guys can see them also. Taking pictures was my escape last year and I hope to continue it for quite a while.

My 2020 word of the year is Joy. I wanna find joy in all things, especially in my reading. So I’m excited to get back into things. Lots of YA fantasy will be coming up this year. I may even sprinkle a few fiction and non-fiction, just to keep you on your toes.

Thanks for sticking it out last year and I promise to try my best this year.


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