Review: The Book of Bunny Suicides: Little Fluffy Rabbits Who Just Don’t Want to Live Any More by Andy Riley

imageHow could I resist a book that is endorsed by Richard Curtis (writer/director of Love Actually), Elton John and Hugh Grant?

This a book of cartoons showing depressed bunnies on the verge of death or already dead. These cute bunnies may be depressed but they sure are inventive. Forms of suicide include being beheaded by a revolving door, being sliced into many bunny sections by a helicopter blade while jumping on a trampoline and getting run over on a luge track. There was an attempt that involved a seesaw, bowling ball and a colander that failed the first time but succeeded the second.

There are many cultural references in these cartoons too. There’s a bunny death with an Abba record. There’s one directly from a scene of The Wicker Man. Another involves Noah’s Ark and a game of Asteroids. Best of all, there’s a death inspired by Fatal Attraction.

If you like your humor a little dark, a little sick, you will love this book.


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