Review – The Hit by David Baldacci.

15791154Hi guys and girls! I’ve been AWOL for a while due to an online course that I was taking, but I have now finished it, so normal business shall resume! So, after my exhausting 2 months, I wanted to read something that did not require too much thinking or attention.
This meant fluff. Fluff for me is political thriller type book. So, who better to read than David Baldacci? I decided to read ‘The Hit’ as it was one that I haven’t read, and the premise sounded interesting. ‘The Hit’ follows Jessica Reel, an apparent rouge sharp shooter/CIA superhero/Black Op agent who goes on a killing spree of some of the highest players in Washington. Tasked to stop Jessica, is Will Robie, an equally ruthless and competent killer.
As with most other books by Baldacci, The Hit doesn’t miss a beat in terms of pace (as should all good political thrillers). The characters are believable in terms of their emotions, actions and interactions and the dialogue isn’t too convoluted or trite. You know, there really isn’t that much more to say. You know with Baldacci that you are going to get an exciting, easy and reliable read, and he doesn’t disappoint here. I believe this may be part of a new series as it is technically the second book featuring Will Robie. You can start with the first one – The Innocent (Will Robie Series) but I think these are good as stand- alone books.
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The Hit (Will Robie)

Review – King and Maxwell, by David Baldacci.

17333431I’ve been a fan of David Baldacci for about the last 10 years or so, so when I received this ARC to review, I jumped in reading straight away. As you can probably start to tell by now, my taste in genres is pretty varied. Baldacci is my go-to author for my ‘fluff’ reading; he is like James Patterson, only twice as good and actually writes his own books (allegedly!).

This book is the latest in the Sean King and Michelle Maxwell series – a buddy cop type series, but with two former Secret Service agents. I really like this series because these two characters have some genuine chemistry and seem half believable. It’s not too late to start this series as there are only 5 other books before this one.

The plot is your standard ‘two agents must save the day against juggernaut government factions that kill at will’ etc, etc… However, this plot has a contemporary edge to it, which makes it seem like it could potentially happen in today’s age. The pace of the writing is fast and exciting – before you know it, you’ve read ¾ of the book!

I won’t for one second say that this book will invoke any kind of emotional tidal wave, make you ponder the meaning of life and being, challenge your inner self, or anything like that. It will however, serve as an entertaining and quick read, one that doesn’t disappoint because you know what you are getting, and it doesn’t fail to deliver. I highly recommended this for fans of Baldacci’s King and Maxwell series.

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