Review: Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas

Epic, emotional and exciting!

This book is a combination of three POVs. Chaol, the recovering ex-captain of the king’s guard, Yrene, the healer we met in The Assassin and the Healer, and Nesryn, the current captain of the king’s guard. It was supposed to be a novella but it turned out quite a bit longer and way more indepth. However, my feelings were all over the place here. I found myself not caring about anything but Yrene for a while. The life she has lead and the reason she is where she is, is just insane. She is truly an amazing healer. My heart wanted a novella, so it was stubborn.

Chaol. What can I say about him. There’s a lot under the surface that he needs to deal with before he can move on and heal properly. And while he’s trying to heal, he must convince the khagan to give them support and deal with the utterly crazy royal family. And I mean crazy in a somewhat good way. Never a dull moment.

Nesryn actually gave me the only scene I teared up in. I didn’t think I was going through care about her storyline but I did. I’m glad she found what she was looking for. I hope nothing happens to her in the next book. I’d be very upset.

This story gives us a few answers to questions we’ve been asking. And also gives us quite a few new discoveries. It makes me rather anxious to get to the final book now. I do wish that there was a little more from Chaol’s past though. We see snippets but not enough, in my opinion. This takes place in the same timeline as Empire of Storms and we do get a few glimpses into what’s happening with Aelin and the rest of the crew.

As for the YA/NA jump, ToD had a few scenes that were definitely not in the young YA world but less than the full on NA. So be prepared. I did block a few parts off since my kids aren’t ready for that.

Now the only thing I have a problem with was the usual changing of the loves. Sarah has a habit of getting us invested in a couple, only to have them break apart a few books later. She does this in both her series. While I love her stories, it hurts to get invested in a storyline, only to have it shattered later on. I need to seriously think about taking another chance in her future series. My heart can’t take this.


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Review: Also Known As by Robin Benway

13132661 This was recommended to me but I resisted it for some reason, I’m not sure if it was the cover or the synopsis but I just wasn’t feeling this. But when I finally picked it up I was so surprised at how much I liked this!

This is a young adult book about a family of spies in which the 16 year old daughter has to enroll in high school for the first time while she takes the lead on her very own case, again for the first time. That’s the book in a nutshell but in reality what it is is a sarcastic, funny, touching and young love – almost coming of age story. Which is a lot for one story to be but it wasn’t too much in one book. It was just right.

Maggie Silver is used to being on the run, used to traveling the world as a safecracker with her parents who are both spies and part of The Collective, a team that does good and basically fights crime. Maggie is not, however, used to being in school. But when she is assigned her first case, has to go to school and is assigned a boy to get close to she tells herself she can do this.

Things get out of hand quickly when she makes a friend (a friend !) and kind of, sort of, falls for the boy she is supposed to get close to for the job. Jesse, the boy, is just the kind of guy she would fall for normally.

Is it weird that hearing him use a polysyllabic word gave me butterflies? Yes, that’s weird. Forget I said anything.

Roux, her new best friend, is quirky, but kind of perfect and fits into her spy lifestyle without even knowing it. The sarcasm and dry with between Jesse, Roux and Maggie was cracking me up throughout the whole book.

“And now he probably thinks I’m lost in Siberia or something because I didn’t answer it!” “Lost in Siberia?” It’s a lot more possible than you think.”

“Hey, I’m making eye contact with a gargoyle!” Roux said, looking out one of the grimy windows. I shall name him George.”

I highlighted tons and tons of different parts of this book because I was laughing at different things. There was some action and high stakes, light romance, and typical YA issues. Basically, it’s super cute and any fan of young adult books should read it!

4 stars

~ Clio

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