Review: The Yarn Spinner (a Crossroads Cafe short story) by Deborah Smith

20140222-232044.jpg This short story, part of Smith’s Crossroads Cafe series, is as quirky and eccentric as the novellas that came before it. The Yarn Spinner focuses on Lucy, a woman recovering from a brutal attack that almost left her dead. Cousin Delta’s biscuits — and the unconditional Appalachian love of Crossroads Cove-ites — save Lucy’s heart and soul.

What I love about Crossroads Cove is that even though I don’t readily identify with any of the characters, and even though I get confused with how everyone is related to each other and cousin Delta, the loving and healing nature of Delta and her family touches me deeply. These are people who have needed saving, been saved, and now are the first to step up and save the next ones who need it.

Deborah Smith writes soulful, joyful friendships. I’ll read any amount of quirkiness to experience such heart. And lucky for me, Deborah Smith will deliver another biscuit-laden bit of loveliness sometime this year.


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