Review: How to Bake the Perfect Christmas Cake by Gina Henning

Cute romance about Lauren, a smart professional who just got a promotion, and Jack, the seemingly-perfect guy who runs hot then cold.

I liked Henning’s vivid descriptions of Jack – I could certainly picture him, which I believe is VERY important with a good-looking romance novel hero. 🙂
And I liked how clever and sarcastic Lauren could be. The two of them together cracked me up.

I thought the inclusion of so many song references was a little corny, but maybe I’d feel different if I were more of a music fan.

The big issue I had with this novel is that there was no conflict, no roller coaster. Henning wrote the plot on a slow but steady incline – their love for each other grew until it was time to make a big decision. The whole time I was waiting for something big to happen! Were Jack’s phone calls a cover for something bigger? Was Aunt Minnie who she said she was? Would Lauren have a nervous breakdown? But … nothing. Just the steady plodding on, listening to Jack’s silly phone calls.

Know what I loved, though? Lauren’s Christmas present for Jack. Actually I thought they both did a wonderful job finding the perfect gifts for each other. And preparing for Christmas with the family rocked. As did the cake, because who doesn’t love cake?!