Review: Red at Night, by Katie McGarry

0001 red WOW. Plain and simple. I was NOT expecting to feel like this, after reading this short story. I’ve read all of Katie’s books and I’ve loved each of them, but this book is so much more.

This story is about life and how life isn’t always what it seems. It’s about people and how the littlest things turn into the biggest things. It’s about death and how we’re never ready for it, but we need to be. And last, it’s about shoes and the magical power they hold.

I will start out be saying, besides wanting to read the book, because Katie wrote it, I wanted to read it cuz the girl has purple hair. I’m silly that way. Since I saw the cover and she has the same color as my hair, I just had to read it. Who knew this short story would be such an impact on my life.

“Hope is a deadly snake with fangs of poison.”

Stella has lived such a hard life, my heart hurts when I think of it. She has been shuffled through life, knocked down, and bullied at school and basically wants to get through her senior year and get out. Being alone, with no one to catch you when you fall, has made having hope the only thing keeping her together.

Jonah has everything he possibly needs, but he is empty. After a deadly car accident, he is no longer happy in this life. He wants to live his life right, but he’s not sure how to do that.

After a chance meeting, at a cemetery, they discover that having each other, is the change they both need.

I know I cry in most books I read, but I was shocked into tears. Big crocodile tears, falling down my face. I had no idea how this message of hope would touch my heart and soul like it did.


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