Review: Under the Eagle (Eagle, #1) by Simon Scarrow

578428I really enjoyed parts of this novel. Other parts kinda bored me. Here we have a young 17-year-old man who joins the Roman army right before an invasion of England. Because of his past (that we do not know about) he is placed second in command under his commander Marco.

My main complaint about the book is that is seems to just go from no relationship between Marco and Cato and then too much more. For me that would have been the best part of the book. Seeing that relationship grow. Watching Cato help Marco learning to read. Watching Marco build up the self-confidence in the boy. We only saw minor glimpses of that happening.

It was obvious to me who the spy was. From the very first mention of their name. I also kind of resent not being told who Cato really is. His history. It will obviously come about and we will eventually know, but I am disappointed that the author didn’t expect anyone to actually ask Cato who his father is…especially when it became apparent that the leaders wife knew him by sight. Obviously someone would have questioned him about his father since it placed him in a position of authority above me twice his age and all the whilst he had no training.

Finally, this book really shone when Cato was at the forefront in battle. When he placed himself in danger to save others without a thought of his own safety. When he would scream a battle cry and not even know where it came from. At times he was very childish, but when he was a man, he was a man to be feared and admired.

I just wish we had seen more of the same from Marco. As it stands in the ending of this novel, he is a very flat character.

I’m not sure if I shall continue this series or not….yes, I want to find out more about Cato, but sadly, I’m just not sure if I’m really willing to invest the time to find out those answers

Until next time…
Urania xx

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