Review: Henry Hikes to Fitchburg by D. B. Johnson

imageThis is the first in a series of young children’s books. The inspiration for the main character and the series is Henry David Thoreau’s introspective book, Walden. Thoreau wrote in Walden about living in a cabin in Massachusetts for two years.

Henry and his friend decide to visit Fitchburg, which is thirty miles away. Henry chooses to walk. He claims it’s the fastest way to travel. His friend wants to work and save up money to buy a train ticket. Who will get their first?

While Henry’s friend is pulling out weeds in a garden for 25ยข, “Henry put ferns and flowers in a book and pressed them.”

While Henry’s friend is moving bookcases in a study, “Henry climbed a tree.”

While Henry’s friend goes to buy a train ticket, “Henry jumped into a pond.”

Yes, Henry’s friend did beat Henry to Fitchburg. Henry didn’t care. He stopped to pick blackberries.

You can decide for yourself which method you would have chosen and why. I won’t judge. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just don’t miss out on this book with the gorgeous drawings.

Also, please don’t skip the author’s note which explains his inspiration for the book.


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