Review: Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill Shalvis


I’m usually a little wary of reading from an author’s backlist. Sometimes their earlier works aren’t up to par with the later ones, and I don’t like to be disappointed. Well, have no fear with this November 2013 e-release of a 2005 paperback. Every bit reflected the same witty, romantic and fun Jill Shalvis I’ve been reading in recent years.

I loved that Mia was a driven, ambitious, self-made career woman. I loved that she made her own destiny. And I totally respected the fact that she had to build up emotional walls to do it. What better foil to her neighbor Kevin, a sensitive, caring guy who just wants to help everyone live up to their full -professional and emotional- potential.

I liked that Kevin nudged Mia to make their relationship more honest and authentic. I liked seeing the push and pull of their emotions. Kevin was a catalyst in Mia’s emotional growth, and even better, a catalyst in Mia’s niece Hope’s adolescent development.

Her Sexiest Mistake is a love story that starts off hot, cools down a little, and then gets emotional. With strong, sensitive Kevin and wounded-but-won’t-be-a-victim Mia, the reader gets all the uncertainties of a new romance AND the happiest of happy-ever-afters.


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