Review: Hope Ignites(Hope#2), by Jaci Burton

01hope I remember when I read Hope Flames and met Logan. I knew he was going to have a good story to tell. And I was right!!

Logan is a rancher who just wants peace and to be left alone. When he decides to let a film crew invade his land, he thought he would just make some money and never see any of them. He wants nothing to do with glitz and glamour. He is a simple man, with simple needs and doesn’t want to be bothered with any Hollywood superstars. Especially not Desiree Jenkins. One the outside, she is a beautiful young star with the world in her hand, and movie roles pouring in. But what she really is a down to earth simple girl, who wants the quiet life.

When Des meets Logan, she is intrigued. She is fascinated with the simple ranch life, and with him. She basically lays it out on the table, as to her intentions for him. It was so funny to see him trip over himself, when he was around her.

I knew I was going to like Logan. Poor guy never knew what hit him, when he met Des. After growing up with a horrible mother, who complained about ranch life, and left when he was younger, he was fine living on his own. He never thought he’d find a ranch wife. And when he met Des, he figured she was the farthest thing, so there was no harm in having a bit of fun. Well, the heart wants what the heart wants, and it wanted her.

It was perfect seeing him fall and then realize that he was holding on to the past hurts and not looking at Des as a potential partner.

I am really enjoying this series! I loved seeing Luke and Emma make an appearance in the story. I can’t wait till we get Molly’s story next.


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Preview: Hope Flames, by Jaci Burton

15808325 This book doesn’t come out til Tuesday, but I was so excited, I just had to tell you about it. I was lucky enough to win a copy of Hope Flames ARC and must admit that I’ve never read a book by Jaci. I’ve heard of her, and many of my friends have told me to read her, but I just haven’t. But that all changes now. Because if all her books are like this one, I will be a very happy camper.

Emma Burnett is beginning her life again, after coming out of a disastrous relationship. She decides to go to college and become a vet. She moves back home and buys a local vet clinic and is determined to live her life without a man to muddle it up again. She wants her independence and doesn’t want anyone to make decisions for her.

Luke McCormack is the super hot, super single, cop who is happy in his life. He has no need for relationships, after his disastrous divorce.

They first meet each other when Boomer, Luke’s police dog, needs medical attention, after injuring himself on a police chase. There is instant chemistry between Luke and Emma, but Emma is quite skittish, so Luke decides to be friends with her only.

I totally fell in love with Luke after seeing him care for his dog. I mean, who can pass up a hot guy and a cute dog??

Seeing them try to remain friends only, was quite amusing. It seems that even Luke’s brother, Logan, and Emma’s parents saw what was happening before they did.

There was a good amount of romance and a bit of suspense sprinkled in. I was quite happy with this and I can’t wait til the next one comes out. I want to hear about Logan. I just know something good is going to happen for him.


Release date Jan 7
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