Review: Personal by Lee Child

personalhmmmmm….what can I say? I love Jack Reacher. I love Lee Child. I’ve been a massive fan from the very start. I’ve recommended his books to dozens of people…probably hundreds! I’ve shared countless books with neighbors, co-workers and friends. I pour a cup of coffee and I think of Reacher. I buy a new toothbrush and I think of Reacher…..

But I didn’t care for this book at all. Actually my least favourite book of Reacher. I’m the type of person that buys books on pre-order. Lots and lots of them. However….there are only two authors I actually READ on release day…..John Sandford and Lee Child…..Usually I read Lee’s in a single sitting….no more than two days….This one took me over two weeks to muddle through it.

I’ve been trying to figure out why this one is so different for me. It’s taken me a bit, but I think I figured it out finally. Reacher wasn’t on his own. I understand he’s been part of makeshift teams before. However, even as a team member he was always on his own….working for himself….because he wanted to correct some wrong in the world. This book was full of politics. It was just bogged down. The story line just got lost in all the politics and the conspiracy and back office deals. Reacher felt like a puppet in this novel. He had no personality.

I won’t continue on…except to say that I was totally bored with this novel. I wouldn’t have even finished it if it were not a Reacher novel. That makes it a very sad day in the life of a long time Reacher fan….

Will I wait for the next book? Damn right. Will I read it right away? Damn straight I will. This is one book out of almost 2 dozen…’s not the end of the world….I’m still a loyal fan and I still have massive love for Lee Child and Reacher…..I will still be putting on a pot of black coffee next time he comes to town…

If I could say one thing to Lee Child it would be this….Forget your editors….forget your fans…..go back to your one new book every May…..forget the second book in the fall….yes we bitch and moan about the wait…..yes, you can make more money by writing more books….but really, Christmas only comes once a year and we’ve all survived our childhoods of waiting for Santa all year long…….The Real Jack Reacher is worth the wait as well……please…please…..go back to once a year and spend that extra 6 months giving us the REAL Reacher….not just words on a page….

That is all…..

Until next time….

Urania xx

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Review: Never Go Back by Lee Child

17262159 Have you meet Reacher? I’ve known him for years now. On release day I always wanna set out an extra cup of black coffee just for him. As an avid reader with hundreds, no, thousands of books on my TBR pile, I admit, there are only two authors that I read the day that they publish. One is John Sandford. The other is Lee Child. As I read this book, I realized why. I am never disappointed in these books. “Never Go Back” was one of my favorites from the series. Of course I pretty much say that with every one of the series but this time I think I really mean it! There is a reason why the Reacher books are so popular. I’ve been trying to figure out why for years. I still haven’t placed my finger one exactly what it is, but I have no doubt that they are deserving of all the acclaim and success the series has.

I started this series long before Lee Child was a household name. There once was a time years ago when the only books I picked up were mystery/thriller type books. Now it’s a type of book I rarely read. When I did read mysteries/thrillers I spent maybe 10 years or more reading next to nothing else. It was during one of my many searches for a new book that I ran across the first of this series. I was hooked and read all that were out back to back. Of course, this was a when there were only 3 or so published. I’ve set my internal alarm for years now for my next Reacher fix. I always have it preordered months and months in advance.

So as someone that has read the series for years and years, why does this one stick out for me? Well, for one, I’ve been waiting for this story for a few years! “61 Hours” was published in 2010!!!!!!!!!!! This is the follow up to that cliffhanger. Finally, we find out more about the voice that intrigued Reacher enough to travel thousands of miles….

So was it worth it? Was Reacher’s travels worth it? Was my wait worth it? I think so. This was a classic Reacher novel. It was truly everything that makes the series great. You had Reacher silent and thinking. You had his instant 3 second fight that Child painstakingly takes the time of 3 pages to write out….if you have read the books, you know exactly the ones that I mean…..The inside workings of Reacher’s mind as he’s about to kick some serious arse! You’re trying to read every single word on the page, but at the same time you are rushing to speed read to get to the part where the serious arse whipping occurs! You also had the army….and Reacher playing MP/Investigator. The diners were there, as well as the random encounter with a group of idiot bullies. As always there is the travel toothbrush and a changing of clothes…..and you also had the bad guys and the damsel in distress that always seems present whenever Reacher is around.

However, you also had a very softer side of Reacher that has only been hinted at before in other books in the series. Of course, it’s not fully exposed in this novel….but Reacher does start to ask himself questions that he has never allowed for in the past.

I shall leave you, the reader, to find out what those questions are for yourselves. As well as the answers that Reacher gives…..

I always am sad to see a Reacher book end….I know I shall have a bit of a wait for the next….but this time, I REALLY didn’t want it to end….Reacher….I’m still waiting…..I have the kettle on for you….isn’t it about time we share a cup in person???????? No need for me to tell you my location….I know you can figure it out…..


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