Quick Review: The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz

Holy cannoli!! What a wild ride! Creepy and twisted and oddly addicting. Tiffany knows how to wield the pen and create fantastical stories that grab you from the very first page. From the moment I opened this book, I was sucked in and couldn’t put it down. I found myself talking out loud, and often, in order to make heads or tails about what happened. And I should pat myself on the back, because I was right!! Well, my first gut feeling was right. The more I read, the more I changed my mind, but I kept coming back to my original thought. Yay, me!

Allison goes back to house she grew up in, only to confront her past ghosts. Something happened that made her leave and she is determined to find out what really happened. She meets up with all her past family and finds out that there were more secrets than she ever imagined. But she will stop at nothing to uncover what really happened.

This book made me uncomfortable, and not because it’s made up, but because it’s probably real. While the story itself is made up, the finer points I’m sure happened. Sick and twisted, but forgiving and hopeful. That is all I will say. I want you to go in this with an open and clear mind.

The Lucky Ones is a standalone that will keep you engaged and guessing till the very end. I hope you love it as much as I did! Plus it has a character, from another book, that many may get excited about. I know I did. And it made me love this book even more.


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Review – The First Patient, by Michael Palmer.

1577458This week, I decided to try a book in a genre, or sub-genre I should say, that I’ve not tried before: a Medical Thriller. I did some research, and Michael Palmer seemed a popular choice. So I went to the library, and picked up The First Patient. This story looks at what happens when the White House doctor mysteriously disappears and the President asks Gabe, his old college roommate, to take over the role. When Gabe gets to the White House, it is not long before the President starts exhibiting bizarre symptoms that could end his presidency, or even worse, result in his death. It is up to Gabe and a host of supporting players to try and figure out the mystery illness and the reasons behind the disappearance of the previous doctor, before it’s too late.
As I’m in that frame of mind, I’d love to find a good book (fiction, or possibly non-fiction that isn’t too technical) that revolves around an organization such as the CDC, or something to do with a major virus/illness. I’m looking for a story that focuses more on the people trying to solve/prevent the catastrophe, than the actual effects of the illness. If any of my lovely readers could suggest a book to me, then next week I shall randomly pick a name and send you a yet to be determined prize!
Anyway, back to the review…

The First Patient is a fairly fun read. It keeps you guessing, and the pace is good. The characterization isn’t necessarily all that, but then what can you expect from a book, and indeed genre, that is purely plot driven? Dialogue and characters aside, it is a fun and easy read. I will definitely read another Palmer book as he is a doctor, and so in theory, knows what he is talking about. Maybe he has more medical medical thrillers (rather than political medical thrillers like this one is), which might be a better read. With all this strange flip flop weather we are all having, it might be an idea to curl up on the sofa with a nice easy read like this!
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The First Patient

Review: Doing Harm by Kelly Parsons

20140215-082959.jpgThere was a time, not so terribly long ago, that medical thrillers were my book of choice. Having discovered Robin Cook, I devoured all of his work and then searched for any similar authors I could find. But, as is the case with too much of a good thing, I grew tired of this genre and moved on to different things. I’ve read maybe three medical thrillers in the past year and none of them have been very memorable. This book changed that in a big way.

Dr. Steve Mitchell’s life is as good as it gets. His medical career is on the fast track, and he’s in line for a position at the prestigious University Hospital in Boston. He has a wife he adores and two beautiful daughters. But then everything begins to spiral downward. Mistakes are made. Patients begin dying at an alarming rate. A sociopath is at work playing a dangerous game.

This was a good little medical story until about 40% in. It was humming nicely, if somewhat predictably, along. Lots of details about life as a resident, medical student, or intern as well as play by plays about what goes on in surgery and how easy it is for mistakes to be made. Still, I found myself wondering where the mystery/thriller part was. And then the bottom dropped out. In a big way. From that point on it was a mad dash to the finish for me.

Doing a Harm is an excellent debut novel by Kelly Parsons. While some aspects are slightly far-fetched, the medical details are highly believable as you would expect from an author who is also a doctor. With this novel, Parsons has renewed my interest in this genre. Five stars for me!


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