Review: Just What Kind of Mother Are You? By Paula Daly

20140208-185133.jpgThis is one of those books that I can’t, for the life of me, remember just where I heard about it from. Likely it came to me from a link to a link to a link…you get the idea. Regardless, it’s been on my list for a couple of months and the title recently caught my eye once again when I was searching for my next read.

Moms everywhere, and parents in general, will be able to relate to Lisa Kallisto. A mother of three who also runs a successful animal rescue shelter, she’s overworked and stretched too thin. Husband Joe is an involved father and husband as much as his job as a taxi driver will allow him to be. Still, Lisa holds it together most of the time and her family is basically happy and well-adjusted. Her carefully constructed balancing act begins to fall apart when the teenage daughter of a close friend goes missing while supposedly under Lisa’s care. To add to the sense of urgency, a serial rapist appears to be on the loose. Plagued by guilt, Lisa does her best to help find the girl. The dynamics of family and friendship play a huge part in this story as long -buried secrets on all sides begin to come to light.

I thought this was a good, solid story. It was definitely a page turner and held my attention all the way through. Lisa was incredibly likeable to me, in no small part because of her passion for the animals she rescues. It’s also easy to see how something like this could happen-wires get crossed, messages aren’t relayed, and so on. One thing did bother me, and still does. The lead detective, Josephine, is given a lot of page time to explore her personal life and background. Of notable mention is her desire to have a breast reduction. This comes up several times during the book but isn’t resolved by the end of the story. My only thought is that Josephine may be a recurring character in future books by this author. Just a little quirk of the story but something that bugged me. I also felt that some parts of the ending were a bit too far-fetched, especially after most of the book being so believable and relatable. Still, a good read for me!


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