Review: The Case of the Sin City Sister by Lynne Hinton

 This second-in-a-series mystery is ostensibly about the case of a miner’s letter written by an ancestor… But really it’s all about Eve finding her missing sister. And finding out more about her, too. 

Eve works with her former law enforcement officer dad, who is in failing health, to investigate an old letter… And some old bones. But Eve hasn’t heard from her irresponsible, trouble-laden sister in a while, and she’s getting worried. 

A friend of the family makes the trip with Eve to sin city. That’s where Eve puts herself in danger in order to save her sister from herself… And some very bad guys.

A subplot from book one continues, as Eve contemplates her future – will she remain a part of the convent, or shed her sisterhood for life as a private detective? 

I always love a good mystery, and Hinton’s flair for family connections makes this series stand out from others. Eve’s relationship with her dad is endearing. I also like how Hinton’s secondary characters stay in the background to let the Divine family shine. 



Review: Sister Eve, Private Eye by Lynne Hinton

I read a lot of amateur sleuth mysteries. Sister Eve is a little younger than the usual sleuths I read, and she rides a Harley, and she’s a nun, AND her dad is a former detective. Refreshing and appealing!

I loved Eve (Evangeline) and her candor. She reminded me a lot of myself: A little brash, a little naive, a little impulsive. When she suspected a certain guy as the perpetrator of the crime, she just drove down to his house and jumped the fence. She had no backup plan. She didn’t even have a primary plan! Her haste made for some funny moments and even a possible meet-cute. (I see romance in every novel!)

I enjoyed Hinton’s other characters, too: the injured and stubborn dad, the greasy film producer, the martyr sister, the pretty young actress…
But the plot just didn’t come together smoothly for me. Storylines are aesthetic… Liking a plot line comes down to your personal taste. I think this one just didn’t do it for me — the whole film world turned me off. I didn’t like the deviousness and quirks of the characters in the film industry. Even pretty Megan annoyed me when she didn’t stand up for herself.

The crime SOLVING, though… That was my cup of tea. Sister Eve and her friends who just happen to have information to help her solve the case… Eve’s brainstorming sessions with her dad… The police on the fringe of the true investigation… All very well worth the read.

My favorite part? Eve taking another leave of absence from the convent, because that means she might have another crime to solve soon.