Quick Review: City Under Siege by R.J. Prescott

I’ve read R.J.Prescott’s Hurricane series so I figured I’d read this one as well. Even though I have a hard time reading suspense books, I knew it was going to be good, so I would just have to hold on. And I was right. City under Siege had my heart racing and swooning. Perfect balance of suspense and romance.

Sarah has been put in charge of her family’s company, due to the unexpected loss of her father and brother. But as she’s learning the ropes, some secrets come forward that put her in a very dangerous position. She seeks the help of the SAS to get them straightened out and discovers that help comes in the form of a super hot Tom Harper. And as he’s helping protect her, they both realize that love can creep up in the most unexpected moments.

I think the reason I enjoyed this book so much was the romance aspect. Even in the midst of a very dangerous situation, and all the military actions, a slow burn relationship happens. Those are so fun to read honestly. It’s the last thing that Sarah and Tom want or need, but sometimes you can’t help who you fall for.

I’ll admit I got tripped up a bit with all the military lingo, but I learned quickly and was able to move on and enjoy this book. With all those hot military guys running around, how could I not? I’m holding out hope that they get a story also. The whole dynamic was fun to read.


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Review: The Hurricane by R.J. Prescott

01 hurI completely enjoyed this book. The one part that sticks out to me is the fact that these are regular people, in the sense that they’re not rich. They’re actually far from it. Love is simpler that way. It’s the little things they do, instead of the grand gestures.

When Cormac “The Hurricane” O’Connell first caught site of sweet timid Emily, he was hooked. In his mind she was his and he would do everything in his power to protect her. Little did he know the scary past that haunts her daily. She needed someone to protect her and defend her. She’s never had that before.

When she starts to work in the gym he fights at, she is nervous being around all these huge and intimidating guys, but they slowly break down her barriers and weasel their way into her heart. But it’s O’Connell who latches on fiercely and doesn’t let go. She is taken with him, even though he scares her, but given her past, she’s still nervous to pursue anything more than friendship.

The more time she spends with O’Connell she comes to realize that she’s his. Watching her deny that there was anything between them, was funny. She wanted to hold him at arms length, but you can’t hold a guy like that back.

I loved the sense of loyalty and protectiveness all these characters had. They defended each other, stood by each other, and loved each other. Most definitely not your traditional family, of blood, but of the heart. Those are the best kind of families. I can’t wait til book 2 to continue reading their story. But I’m hoping to see Kieran get a book as well. I think it’s going to take someone super special to tame that boy.


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