Review: Thy Rod and Thy Staff by Debbie Viguié

If you haven’t read anything by Debbie Viguié yet, you should. She writes so well that I can fly through her novels effortlessly. The dialogue, character and plot development, and the raveling of the mystery flow naturally. There’s nothing contrived or hokey. Just excellent stories. And the Psalm 23 Mysteries aren’t her only endeavor. Viguié also writes dark fantasy and historical thrillers. Check to see her full book list. 

So, Thy Rod and Thy Staff. Now that Cindy and Jeremiah have solidified and publicized their relationship, it’s a lot easier for them to team up to solve mysteries. Except they are separated for two weeks while Cindy is called for jury duty. For a murder trial. The day after a second murder “randomly” occurs. See where this is going? Rabbi Jeremiah has to figure out how to help Cindy, the police, and his synagogue secretary, all in the same week. He’s spread a little thin but saves the day more than once! Cindy holds her own: Even while avoiding getting killed, she manages to help Jeremiah out of a pinch. 

Though there are textual references to Scripture, The Psalm 23 Mysteries aren’t about religion or worship. They are about making connections…  in the criminal world and in a personal sense. 

Five big stars, because as usual I am astounded and impressed by Dbbie Viguié. 



Review: Thou Art With Me by Debbie Viguie

I’ve been reading and enjoying The Psalm 23 Mysteries since Book 1. Number 11 – Thou Art With Me – might be the best one yet. 

As with the other books in the series, church secretary Cindy  and rabbi Jeremiah pair up to solve a murder. In prior books they developed a friendship and then something deeper. This installment is set around Valentine’s Day, so it’s apt that their relationship evolves even more. 

The murder is a serious one, and there’s real danger to Cindy and Jeremiah. I loved how Cindy got to have the upper hand in this investigation. Her poker skills were amazing, and had I not already loved her she would’ve become my favorite character based on that poker game scene alone.

Debbie Viguie is one of the few authors I’ve read who has a talent for writing a high-quality novel quickly. The dialogue, character depth and authenticity, consistency, and writing technique are TOP NOTCH. Viguie moves the plot along very quickly without sacrificing detail. With this book, and every Psalm 23 Mystery, I am on an amusement park ride that’s fast, fun, and life-changing. I remain impressed, and can’t wait for Book 12. 


As of this writing, you can buy books 1-11 on Amazon. If you’d like to order Book 12 or pre-order subsequent books, you may go to Debbie Viguie’s blog and web site.


Review: The Shadow of Death (Psalm 23 Mysteries #9) by Debbie Viguie

If you’ve been reading the Psalm 23 Mysteries, you’ve got to read The Shadow of Death. Right. Now. It’s fast-paced, international, truth-revealing, and the most dangerous book in the series yet. I love when a plot is written so well that you feel like you’re on a thrill ride… no effort, just excitement and fun!

If you haven’t picked up the Psalm 23 Mysteries, I implore you to. Despite the name, they aren’t preachy or hokey or Bible-pushing. They feature a church secretary and a Jewish rabbi who keep tripping over dead bodies. Some of the time it’s coincidental, and some of the time it’s due to Rabbi Jeremiah’s sordid past.

In The Shadow of Death, Jeremiah’s secrets are revealed, he comes clean about his true feelings for Cindy, and he faces his biggest fear.

Read it. Love it. Wait for the next one. Amazing writing and a really fun ride.


It’s on sale today. $7.95 for kindle. Worth every penny.