Review: What If, by Rebecca Donovan

01what I am speechless……

I am destroyed……

My emotions are all over the place.

What if you had a second chance? What would you do? Would you take it?

When I heard Rebecca Donovan was writing another book, I was very excited to read it, and yet kinda nervous. The Breathing Series was the most gut wrenching series I ever read, and probably one of the most difficult series to finish. I was a wreck afterwards. Beautifully written, but it destroyed me. When I read the synopsis of What If, I was very intrigued. I knew I had to read this. But when I started this, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was completely taken back.

This is a story about four friends. It’s about what happens when life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. It’s about loss and heartbreak. It’s about friendship that can withstand anything. It’s about love.

When Cal was young he had three girls on his street, Rea, Richelle and Nicole. They did everything together. Until day, out of the blue, Richelle and her family moved away and Nicole stopped talking to him and Rea. They had no idea what happened and no matter what they did, they never got answers. But one day, Cal is drinking coffee and looks up to see Nicole sitting near him. But this girl isn’t Nicole. This girl is impulsive and outrageous, nothing like the quiet and reserved Nicole, from his past. He finds himself drawn to her in ways he doesn’t understand. And soon he finds out why. Not everything is as it seems.

Nicole is a perfectly wrapped present tied in a nice neat bow. And Nyelle is wrapping paper strewn across the floor on Christmas morning.

As we slowly see Nyelle’s story, you realize her life is way more painful than you ever thought. My heart was tearing apart bit by bit. The secrets she was keeping, would’ve made a weaker person crumble.

“Then…let the stars take it away and make everything better. And when the sun comes up, and those stars disappear, they take all the hurt with them.”

I did, however, loved watching Cal completely fall for Ryelle. And to watch her give into him, was so sweet. She didn’t want to, but sometimes, the heart has no choice. They needed each other, more than they ever knew.

“Holding your hand. It makes me feel like there’s a butterfly beating in my chest. There’s something about it that helps me believe everything’s going to be okay.”



Review: Out of Breath, by Rebecca Donovan

What an amazing end to a powerful and emotional series!!

I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to finish it, but I knew I had too. The first two books were quite draining and pushed me way over. I’m glad I didn’t read them back to back. I don’t think I could’ve handled that. My nerves would’ve been shot. That being said, I’m glad this is over. 🙂

The book starts off about two years after Emma walks out on Evan and leaves him barely conscience. She is trying to move on, but still, she will never be the same. Her friends have tried to help her. They even encouraged her to date. But her heart’s not really in it. Her heart’s back in Weslyn, but she won’t admit that.

Unfortunately, life has a way of pushing us to do things and face things we really don’t want to. When Emma finds herself back in Weslyn, she can’t face it.

Evan and Sara find her passed out, from alcohol, and they realize that she is not the girl they knew and loved. They decide to spend all summer trying to put her back together. Emma doesn’t think she is worth the trouble. She still thinks that she has done unforgivable things and that no one should love her, especially not Evan. She wishes everyone would just leave her. But they know they can’t.

I wasn’t happy to see how she was behaving, in college. Part of me wanted her to be waiting for Evan, but I know that was unrealistic. So seeing her with someone else was hard. I don’t think she was very smart about her choices. She needed a good whack across her noggin.

Evan has had a horrible two years, since she left. He never understood why. But he wants closure and the truth, from her. He is determined to get it, even if he has to go through the hurt again. He wants her to be honest, for once. He spends all summer trying to crack her shell and see what she’s hiding and how she’s feeling.

Their friends are super supportive and don’t wanna see either of them hurt again. But they do try and help push things along. And not very subtle either. 🙂

I don’t wanna say anymore, at the risk of spoiling it. However, this ended just like I’d hoped. I was so very happy. It was a long time coming, but I’m glad I stuck around. Now I can put my Xanax away. 😉


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