Review: The Secret of India Orchid by Nancy Campbell Allen

What a fun story! I was not expecting this at all.

Two years ago Sophia Elliot received a letter from Anthony Blake that changed her whole world. She was stunned and hurt and never thought she’d see him again. But when her travels bring her in the path of Anthony, she tries to keep her heart hardened to him, but it’s just not possible. She loves him and knew he still loved her, so she was always trying to get a rise out at him. It was cute to watch as he suffered so much.

Anthony has regretted leaving Sophia, but he had no choice. He left to protect her and her family. When she shows up on his doorstep, he tries to maintain his cover, but that doesn’t seem to work out as well as he’d hoped. He loved her with all his heart and knew he broke her heart when he left. But when her life is put in danger, he has to solve this investigation and fast, or else she’ll be taken away from him permanently.

I loved Anthony and Sophia. They were the perfect team to solve this. She was determined to help, even thought he wanted her far away from danger. She knew she could help so she jumped right in. Stubborn girl. 🙂

I thought this story would be just a second chance romance, or sorts, but it was so much more. It was filled with lies, intrigue, kidnapping and murder, plus a nice little romance tossed in.


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Review: My Fair Gentleman by Nancy Campbell Allen

01 my “Friendships are often to be found in unexpected places and should be cherished and nurtured.”

Every now and then, I need a sweet romance. I need a book that will send my heart all a fluttering, like it’s filled with a million butterflies. My Fair Gentleman was just that book. I was swooning and smiling the whole time. There may have even been a tear or two.

From the first moment I laid eyes on Jack, my heart was smitten. I could tell that he has lived so many years with the hurt of being disowned by his grandfather, it’s taken it’s toll on him. He puts up this strong front, but if you look close, you could see the cracks inside. He did everything he could, for his mom and sister. And just when he was about to set sail on his very own ship, his life was flipped and he was forced to change everything to protect them.

Ivy is doing a favor for her grandmother. She needs to help Jack and is family get reacquainted with a life they should’ve always been leading. Teaching women to be gentile? No problem. But turning a sailor into a gentleman, well that may prove a bit troublesome.

Jack and Ivy were so much fun to watch. She is used to a certain level of decorum. But being around Jack, she realizes that decorum is sometimes overrated. They make each other laugh, which is not normal. He teaches her to relax a bit, and in doing so, her heart starts to fall. But she knows she can’t do anything, for he is an earl who needs to find a bride. A bride that isn’t her.

Not everything went as smooth as they’d hoped, but they were there for each other. Watching these two care for each other, in their times of need, was beautiful. To see their feelings grow was perfect. She knew she couldn’t have him, but it’s hard to tell your heart to stop. I wanted to whisper in her ear and tell her that it’s going to be ok, if she just stopped and really listened.

“Jack,” she whispered brokenly, “you are unfair.”

“No, my lady, you are the one who denies not only yourself, but me as well.”

I am a HUGE fan of these Proper Romance books. They are not specifically Christian themed books, but they are very clean. I have read a few in the PR family and have greatly enjoyed them. In fact, my 14 yr old is a huge fan also, and she isn’t one for romance. The difference about these romance books is that the romance itself isn’t overpowering. It’s slow and innocent and not uncomfortable. Whether you’re a reader of romance or just looking for a clean story to recommend to teens, this book, among the rest of the Proper Romance stories, are right up your alley.


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Review: Death Comes to the Village by Catherine Lloyd

20131202-090141.jpg This cozy historical mystery, set in England, has a little bit of a Regency romance feel.

Lucy, the rector’s daughter, and Robert, a magistrate and wounded soldier, notice some thievery and strange goings-on in the village. With a young woman disappearing, and the men of the village not quite acting themselves, Lucy and Robert put their heads together to investigate. That’s the main plot. The subplots include Lucy’s resistance to spinsterhood and wanting to find a husband, Robert’s difficulty coming to terms with his leg injury, and the strong friendship that grows between Lucy and Robert. I enjoyed the various threads and thought they were developed appropriately for a light mystery novel.

I also liked the characters’ efforts to maintain propriety and appearances, and Lucy’s subtle rebelling against all of it. The whole regency feel made Lucy’s visits to Robert seem almost taboo. It was fun to see Lucy doing a lot of things that other young women wouldn’t dare do in this setting.

Death Comes to the Village was a light read, with a slow and deliberate start. I totally loved it, from Lucy and Robert’s banter to the mental illness and morbidity. I read this book at night, and when I finished it, I was scared to go to sleep! The ending was somewhat of a cliffhanger, and I am eager to know if and when a Book 2 will be released.


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