Review: A Duke Like No Other by Valerie Bowman

Y’all!! I just finished this book and now have a stupid grin on my face. What a fun story this was. It’s part of the Playful Brides series, so if that’s any indication…

Mark and Nicole haven” seen each other in 10 years. To say they had a bit of a falling out, after they got married, would be an understatement. Lots of hurt feelings and misunderstandings kept them apart. But now, they need each other. Him, for work. In order to get the promotion he’s been working for, they want a family man in the position. So he needs Nicole to come back and play the loving wife. As for her, after 10 years alone, she’ll come and help him, but only if he helps her. And what she wants is a baby. A legitimate baby.

So essentially, they’re already together, but they’re really not. This reconciliation was not without heartache and sorrow, but it had an underlying of love. It was hard, I’ll admit, watching these two circle one another. They both had past hurts, but together they can heal from them.

I’ve only read one other book from this series, but I am definitely going back and reading them. We see a few people pop in, and I’m sure they’re from the series, and I liked the way they interacted with each other. They weren’t just co-workers, they were friends. They made quite an impression on me and I look forward to reading how they found love. I bet it’ll be just has fun.


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Review: Smoke and Fire by Donna Grant

01 dark I love this series. Plain and simple. Dragons are my weakness and I can’t hold myself back when I see books with them in it. And when you combine dragons with the fae, you have a recipe for Melpomene’s happiness.

Kinsey and Ryder were in love, or so she thought. Then her broke her heart and she never saw him again. That is until during the battle, in Glasgow, when he changed right before her eyes, and she was faced with more than your every day secret. This was a life shattering secret. She was devastated and was determined to never set her eyes on him again. Little did she know that her work was sending her straight into her worst nightmare.

Ryder has loved Kinsey for years. He never forgot about her. And when he was sent to Glasgow to stop the dark from killing every mortal, he had no idea that he would be revealing himself to the one person he vowed to keep in the dark.

This story was different than the rest, in the sense that they already have a history. They’re in love, even if they won’t admit it to themselves. I was actually quite happy with that aspect, since there was so much happening in the background already. If we had to wait for them to find each other and fall in love, it would take away from the dynamic of the entire story. Without saying any spoilers, let’s just say that history almost repeated itself, and in the worst way possible.

Now for the side characters, Ulrik is keeping some very HUGE secrets from everyone. And I mean H.U.G.E. This is a game changer no one even knows yet. Part of me hopes that reconciliation can happen, with Con and the rest of the Kings, but I’m not holding my breath.

Rhi wants to stay with Balladyn, but I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. While being with Rhi makes him more light than dark, his normal side is dark and I fear this isn’t good for her. I have my suspicions as to who her King is, and if I’m right, I’d rather they both get their heads out of their butts and realize it and get back together. After her captivity, she can’t afford anymore dark in her life.

There are many more questions that still need to be answered and I am anxiously waiting for them. Until then, I’ll keep on reading and hope I can draw some correct conclusions and discover answers for myself. #Dragons4Ever


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Review: Burning Desire(Dragon Kings #3), by Donna Grant

01burI stopped a book I was currently reading, just so I could read this ARC. I am so thrilled to have received this book! I just love these Dragon Kings!!

So much happened in this book, it’s crazy!! So many side stories that if you haven’t been paying attention, you’ll miss stuff. So PAY ATTENTION!!!

Kiril is spying on the Dark, in hopes of finding Rhi. But then he finds himself drawn to a female Dark, who is trying to set him up. He knows what she’s up to, but can’t stay away from her.

Shara has been on a mission to make her family proud of her again. So she is to bring them a dragon king, so they can prove how powerful their family is. But what she doesn’t anticipate is falling so hard for him.

No matter what happens, they know that a Dark and a Dragon King can never be together, but they don’t care. When they finally give in to each other, it’s an all consuming fire that spreads like mad. I was shocked at the fierceness of their passion. But when you have such power flowing through you, there’s only so many ways to release it. But behind all this passion are secrets that could destroy them.

But soon they have outside distractions that make their secrets known and cause their hearts to break. They are both in very deep trouble, if they can’t find a away to move past and prove to each other that their love is stronger than all the danger around them.

We also find out a few surprises that may change the players in this war. One in particular, I am hoping we see something soon. He may be the deciding factor to which this war would be won.

Oh my gosh, I am so excited to see the next few books!!! I won’t say anymore. Spoilers…. but AHHHH!!!!!


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Release date: September 30, 2014

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Review: Fire Rising, by Donna Grant

01fire This is the second in the Dark Kings series. I am super thrilled to read each of these. I love reading about Fae and dragons and even warriors.
Tristan, the newest Dragon King, is having a tough time fitting in. Despite his ability to transform into a proud, strong dragon at will, no one knows where he came from or how he became a Dragon King, including himself. When trouble arises in the form of the mob, Tristan is going to have to put aside his questions and band with the other Dragon Kings to protect Dreagan. As if things weren’t complicated enough, he is about to find something worth fighting for more important than the Dragon Kings…

Sammie Miller, pub owner in Oban, has been scorned by her business partner—and former lover. Used as a front for money laundering with the mob, Sammie is in great danger once she realizes what has happened. Barely escaping, she plans to rest at Dreagan for only a day before going back on the run. When Tristan swears to protect her, Sammie thinks his efforts will be in vain—the mob is too powerful, and it will take more than the average man’s devotion to keep her safe. But the closer she gets to Tristan, and the more he learns his secrets, Sammie can’t deny that having a Dragon King who worships you, body and soul, isn’t such a bad thing…

Sammi is on the run, from the mob, after her partner/ex-lover launders money through her pub. She has no where to go, but to her step sister. But in doing so, it could bring danger to her and her family. Sammi doesn’t wanna do that, but she has no other choice. She has no one else in the world.

Tristan has been a dragon king for two years and he’s still trying to figure out why. He has no memory from before falling out of the sky and landing as a king. He’s been told he has a twin, who’s a warrior, but seeing him, isn’t what he’s ready for.

When Sammi comes to Dreagan searching for help, she meets Tristan and is instantly drawn to him. But she knows she can’t stay there, or else they could be in danger as well. But Tristan isn’t going to let her get away so easily. While trying to help her he starts to feel for her, but doesn’t know how to deal with it. And when he’s close to her, his past creeps up on him. So he’s not sure if this is a good or bad thing. But I like how he’ll protect her, even if he says it’s just because she’s family. He’s afraid to get close, since he’s still struggling with his past.

“Your past doesn’t define you, Tristan. Your actions in the present do.”

This story brings back a few of our warriors and druids and sets us up for some crazy new side stories. Rhi, for instance, I knew she was going to have a bigger role in this. But as to what, I’m still not sure. But I hope we find out her story. I just know it’s a good one!! Balladyn has a story also. I am crossing my fingers for him. Ulrik makes me nervous. Something bad is bound to happen. I just hope the dragons can stop him before it gets too bad.

Bring on the next one!!


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Review: Darkest Flame(Dark Kings#1) by, Donna Grant

01dark I am in love with dragons. Seriously in love. Donna Grant has shown me the light. 🙂 I mean, look at that cover!! What’s not to love?? The Dark Kinds is a spin off of the Dark Warrior and Dark Sword series. I enjoyed meeting a few of the Dragon Kings in those books. I’m glad they get their own series.

Kellan has been asleep for over 1200 years and wanted to stay sleeping. He hates humans and all the trouble they cause. But when he is woken up by Denae, in his cave, he is forced to make the decision to save her or let her die. But something about her, captivated him. He wants her, but he doesn’t want to want her.

Denae is MI5 and was on a mission, and was betrayed and is now in at the mercy of the Dragon Kings. While she tries to find out who set her up, she is forced to be around Kellan. She knows he hates her, but she is drawn to him and can’t seem to get him out of her head. It seems that the more she tries to stay away from him, the more they are brought together. She just wants to give them everything she knows so she can leave. But leaving is easier said than done.

Danger is coming from all directions, which forces her to stay and learn secrets that have been kept for thousands of years. Secrets that will bring past friends and new allies, into the picture, and have Denae thrust into a war she never saw coming. They must decide if their love is worth the danger it brings on the rest of the kings and their people. But in the midst of all of this craziness, there was one story line thrown in, that blew me away. I seriously reread the same page 5 times. I wasn’t sure I read correctly. I never saw that coming. But now I’m SUPER excited for the next book!!

I really loved the romance of this story. Kellen truly wanted her, but his hatred of humans was driving him away. Once he let it go, love beyond his wildest imagination was given to him. Now all he had to do, is protect it. And he would do anything, in his powers, to do it.


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