Review: Headed For Trouble by Suzanne Brockmann

imageThis a thorough compilation of short stories, interviews of her characters by Brockmann, and a Q&A of the author from her popular Troubleshooters series. The Troubleshooters series involves Navy Seals, FBI and a civilian black ops organization. Included at the beginning is a timeline which lists when the short stories and interviews take place. It also lists hero & heroine of each book, brief storyline, secondary romance and timeframe. At the end is a glossary of terms. Like I said, thorough.

There is one new short story, “A Seal and Three Babies,” which feature Sam & Alyssa, Max& Gina, and Jules & Robin. The short stories mostly feature Sam, Alyssa & Jules. So if you are fan of the series & of these characters, you are in for a treat. My favorite story of the bunch doesn’t actually include any of them.

The story I love best is “When Jenk, Izzy, Gillman and Lopez Met Tony Vlachic.” It’s humorous story that involves great guy talk and a poker game.

I would only recommend this book for fans of the series. I have not read Brockmann in years. While I was reading this book, her engaging voice reminded me why I love the TS series. Chances are, I will read her new book set in the TS world that will be released next year.

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