Review: The Last Original Wife by Dorothea Benton Frank

4 stars

The Last Original Wife cracked me up! One thread in the book was about how Wes, the husband, didn’t appreciate his wife Les’ humor — kind of like how some reviewers didn’t appreciate the humor in this book. But I did. 🙂

The book is ostensibly about a marriage gone wrong, a woman’s search for her own identity, and the social dynamic in the south. Underneath, the author comments on society’s expectations and prejudices. To experience it all, I went on a hilarious literary trip from Atlanta to Charleston, replete with a brother living in a haunted house, walks along the battery with iced cocktails, dinners at the Club, and a lover who wears seersucker suits.

Wes and Les had a less-than-perfect marriage. And Les finally got fed up with Wes’ idiocy. Did she make a high moral choice? No. Did he deserve it? Yeah, pretty much. They both hid their real selves from each other for years, so in my opinion they both reaped what they sowed.

I really enjoyed the humor, the insouciance, the ridiculousness of these characters and their interactions. I felt like I was reading the book version of a mural of caricatures.

I didn’t agree with everything the characters did in The Last Original Wife. I wouldn’t have made the decisions they did. But I loved reading their story.


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