Review: The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

*1Although I’m far from an expert in regards to Anne Rice, this did not feel like an Ann Rice book to me. It seemed….errrrr….well….it just wasn’t complicated enough…The characters didn’t seem complex enough….and finally….errrr…and….it was boring….

I really enjoyed the first part of the novel…perhaps even the first two-thirds of the novel. It was entertaining and full of possibilities. I loved the take of the Wereman superhero aspect. The downfall in this novel for me was when the hero met the other weremen. As in real life it seems that if you put a group of old men together they just start rambling and telling stories…talking over themselves, each vying to be heard. It seemed to become repetitive and rambling. I lost complete interest in it at this point and just wanted it to end…I might have even nodded off a time or two…it was just so awful…it was so bad that I actually resented Rice a bit…She almost had me hooked and then, wham…she ended it with that and I regretted spending my money and my time on the entire novel….I’m 98.3% sure I won’t continue on with the series…

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Urania xx

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Review: Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock

12985143 Hemlock is a supernatural YA book featuring werewolves…and I freaking loved it.  I really thought that was just a tired genre for me – and for many others – but Kathleen Peacock managed to pick and choose the best parts of this category.

Lupine syndrome is on the rise in the country and a few months ago Mac’s best friend Amy was killed by a white werewolf. Nothing has been the same for her or for her best friends Jason and Kyle since then.  When it seems that danger is back in the town of Hemlock Mac isn’t sure who to trust when it seems that betrayal is everywhere.

I’ve read a few other reviews that talked about a love triangle and how typical it is to have in a supernatural YA book. However during the reading of the book I wasn’t really feeling a triangle vibe.  More like an I hate Jason and he needs to get over himself vibe but that could just be me.

What I liked about this book so much was the mystery combined with the plot twist that came with every turn. That made it much more than the typical YA supernatural book.  Mac’s dead best friend Amy visits her in her dreams and I loved those chapters and the interactions between the two.

Mac is also not a damsel in distress that seems to appear in so many YA books. I appreciated how resourceful she was and while she did make a few bad decisions they weren’t the kind that made me scream in frustration and want to throw my kindle across my room – um, not that I’ve done that before with a book or anything.

This book is suspenseful, plot driven and funny.  It’s full of danger and love. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves YA books and specifically anyone who has ever remotely liked a supernatural book, this one is excellently done.

5 stars.


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