GUESS THAT MUSE — and PegasusĀ 

Guess the right muses & Pegasus, and win a prize! 

I was going to make a little chart with 5 essential things each of us loves (besides books), but I think a game will be more fun. 

We are Melpomene, Thalia, Urania, Calliope and Pegasus. You know us by what we read and review. Can you guess who’s who by the list of what else we enjoy? 

A) New Orleans, The Saints (and football in general), Movies, Yarn & vinyl, Scary stuff. 

B) Tarantulas, Scarves, Coffee, My bed, Food.

C) The beach, Traveling, Shoes, Coffee,  Quiet places. 

D) Coffee, Traveling, Tequila, Movies, Chocolate.

E) Making bookish crafts, Disney, Relaxing by the pool, Grocery shopping, Spending time with my family.

Give us your best guesses. We will reveal the answers later this week!