Review: Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead; Narration by Emily Shaffer

13477883 In looking for a new audiobook I was surprised to find a new series by Richelle Mead that I had heard nothing about. I really enjoyed Richelle’s first series The Vampire Academy due to the strong female characters and take no crap attitude. I listened to the first few books in the spin off series of Bloodlines and really enjoyed that one because even though it continued some of the same characters it was still pretty different from the original series. I also really liked Emily Shaffer, she did a great job narrating both male and female characters. So when I saw that she was going to narrate this one too I immediately bought it.

Gameboard of the Gods is set in the future where society is pretty segregated into different classes. Mae was born into the elite upper class but is now a member of the militaristic Praetorian Guard. Justin was previously an investigator of “religious groups and supernatural claims” as a revered servitor but was exiled four years ago. He is brought back after a series of difficult to solve murders take place and Justin and Mae are teamed up to solve the crimes.

I wanted to give up on this book multiple times but I didn’t solely because I’d liked so many of her other books. At the end I was left wishing I had given it up. The audiobook was around 16 hours which was about 12 hours longer than I wanted of this world. I didn’t understand the segregation of classes or the reason for the segregation and it wasn’t really ever explained.

Much worse than that was that Justin literally talked to birds in his head. Let me repeat – he talked to birds in his head. I’m not sure when exactly we found out the reason for this but it was very, very late in the story and I saw no real understanding of why we couldn’t have been told this information much earlier.

At the end of the book I was left feeling very meh. I will definitely not be reading further in this series.

2 stars for the book. 4 for the narration.


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2 thoughts on “Review: Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead; Narration by Emily Shaffer

  1. LOL! Your review literally made me laugh aloud. Especially this:
    ” Let me repeat – he talked to birds in his head”


    I understand your low opinion of this book. I am a HUGE Richelle Mead fan and so i do have bias to her writing. I rated this a 4 star. I read the hardcover and i agree with alot of the negativity said about this book. Mostly, i added that 4th star figuring most of the stuff i didn’t like was due to the “first book woes”. She lost alot of readers in trying to build and create such an intricate world but in doing so most of the plot was jumbled and ill timed. She tried to write as if the world was created and we were familiar with it. But atlas, it was a new world and we had to skip to keep up with class system and divisions ( and divisions names which seemed to be to be a bunch of letters, abbreviations and even know i cannot tell you what the letters stood for).

    It was a little “woe is me” as well. I”m not used to RM’s lead characters being so stuck in their own heads and emotions. I mean sure the love triangle thing RM is known for and big in almost any book. BUt this story has such a bigger plot I often got annoyed when we were stuck with the characters totally absurd emotions.

    I can see this story going far. I’m going to wait for the second book and give it a try. If it doesn’t live up I don’t think i will follow the rest of the series.

    • I definitely understand the first book of a new series pains! I didn’t expect or want this to be just like Vampire Academy or Bloodlines, but was expecting a cohesive story, characters I’d love and a plot I wanted to follow. I just didn’t get any of it! If I can get the next one through the library I may give it a chance because I do like this author usually.

      The world building was just too muddled for me. I couldn’t understand half of the book because I was trying to figure out the world they were in. Just do bizarre from an established author I enjoy.

      Thanks for the comment 😉

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