Review: Revealing Us, by Lisa Renee Jones


I must say, I am really enjoying this series. I honestly don’t know if this is the last, or not. It ended, and yet it didn’t. But Chris and Sara’s story ended….sorta. I know it say trilogy, there is no way LRJ can leave us hanging like this!!

OK, after I typed all this out, Ms Jones posted on Facebook this: 4 is the trial and it is in Sara’s POV — you get final answers to Rebecca, Ava, more Rico, and yes ….. and Chris and Sara face this all together. Mark must face the trial and Crystal might show up:)

Book 5
Mark’s POV and you will know by the end of 4 where it’s going

Spinoff Series

Ella! Can’t wait. I’ve had this planned FOREVER– COMPLETE different story line

It takes place the same day as Being Me ended. Chris is leaving for Paris and he gave Sara the option of going with him or not.

She goes.

Chris tells her that only in Paris will she find out all of his secrets. But he warns her that only he will tell her. She should listen to no one else. And believe me, there are plenty of people that are trying to tell her who he really is. She falls into too many traps and believes too many wrong things. But Chris brings her back and show her who he really is.

I kinda had a feeling his past would creep up, and I was right. Sara is confronted with women who helped him when he needed pain and she’s trying to believe that he doesn’t need it anymore. But it’s really hard believing that when it’s in her face since they showed up.

They are also trying to find Ella, which turns out harder than she ever imagined. There is a side of her friend that she never expected.

Ava has turned the tables on Sara and is trying to blame her for Rebecca’s death. Chris, with the help of Mark, are trying to get it all straightened out.

The twists and turns this book had, made me a wreck.

And don’t get me started on the Epilogue….. I screamed. Not my proudest moment. After reading that, I realized there HAS to be another book. There just has too…….

I received this ARC for my honest opinion. And my opinion is that it was awesome! And you must pre order it.


Buy it now Revealing Us (Inside Out Trilogy)

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