Feedback Wanted!!

936386_10200242490248306_709002509_nWe muses were talking about what we look for in reviews. I read tons of reviews – on Goodreads, and on other review blogs mainly.  Many times if it’s a person/blog I trust I will buy based on those reviews so I really value reviews. Same with the other muses. But we realized that we also read reviews for certain books looking for spoilers. That’s right – big, fat spoilers.

Now traditionally I don’t read spoiler reviews because I like to go into a book pretty blind. But there are books that I’m very iffy about and if I can find a spoiler review I’ll read it to determine if the book is worth my times. Other times there are books that I am dying to read but haven’t been able to for one reason or another – it’s not out yet, haven’t purchased it yet, too many books, etc. Those times I look at spoiler reviews to alleviate my book anxiety and it helps me read the books at a more normal pace when I do get them instead of racing through them to find out what happens.

So all of that to say…we are going to start a new feature called Spoiler Saturday. Starting in October we will be posting a spoiler review every Saturday. It will have clear marks that it is a spoiler so no worries that you could stumble upon it unknowingly!

We’d like to know from our readers what books YOU would like to see spoiler reviews of. Either books that are already out, upcoming releases, pretty much anything. Let us know here, on Facebook or on twitter so we can try to give you those spoiler reviews you want!

~ Clio (and Daisy clearly wanting your opinions!)

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