Review: I Only Have Eyes For You by Bella Andre

20130914-222021.jpg 4 stars

*Dreamy sigh*

Where do I begin? Let me just say that Bella Andre created a very swoon-worthy character in Jake McCann. He’s rough and tough and domineering and crude and powerful. And he only shows his softer side to Sullivan family members, namely Sophie, with whom he’s been in love since childhood. Who doesn’t love a bad boy with a sensitive side?

Sophie is the bookish sister of six brothers and a twin. They think she’s fragile and want to protect her from struggles and hurt. They want to protect her from Jake McCann. I love that despite her siblings’ opinion of her, Sophie is a strong, brave, vocal woman who knows what she wants. Sophie is the best kind of heroine – she advocates for her own best interests, even when there’s a risk involved.

When circumstances put Jake and Sophie together for a week, sparks fly — good and bad. They find out each other’s weaknesses, faults, and truths. They decide whether being in love will lead to anything more. That’s the best part of being in love: knowing where you both stand, and then determining whether the truth will make you or break you.

Bella Andre’s characters are unique in the world of romance novels. Sophie and Jake stay true to themselves, living the lives everyone knows them to have, and being brave enough to show what’s under the surface.

I want to meet every one of the Sullivans in this series… So I will sign off here and get to the next book.


Buy It Now I Only Have Eyes For You

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