Review: Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery

20130919-205920.jpg You know what happens four days from today? Christmas on 4th Street is released, and all you Susan Mallery fans (and Christmas romance fans) become happy campers!

You know what will make you even happier? Diving in to Noelle and Gabriel’s story. (Nice Christmassy character names, Ms. Mallery.)

Noelle’s three best friends are planning a triple wedding during the Fool’s Gold Christmas festival. One best friend’s fiancé has a cute doctor brother that comes to town for the wedding. I’m sure you can see where this is going… Kissing, dinners, getting caught in a remote cabin during a snowstorm … the usual.

A few things struck me as unique in this romantic tale. First, Noelle was the most optimistic person I’ve ever met in a book. I wasn’t annoyed, I was reflective. If Noelle could traverse tragedy and come out of it smiling, I should be able to do the same in my pretty smooth-going life. Second, Gabriel’s relationship with his dad was explored nicely. Mallery didn’t gloss over it; she showed me how Gabriel’s dad had so much influence over his emotional development that he totally needed his dad to nudge him into going and growing that extra step. And third, the dialogue was fresh and bold. These characters tell it like it is, with tact, but directly. I like that in real-life people, and I appreciate it in book characters.

I got my coffee and shopping fix on 4th Street in Fool’s Gold … and let my tears of joy fall at the big wedding. Mallery wrote just the right balance of Christmas, friends and family, wedding planning, and new love.

Don’t miss it.


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