Review: Operation: Date Escape by Lindsey Brookes

Kelsie Collins had a bad marriage, an emotional divorce, and a plan for a bad date escape book. Her best friend Nanci and her mother Melinda helped out by setting up blind dates just a little too often.

When Kelsie tries to escape from an especially horrifying blind date, she gets rescued by hunka hunka burning love firefighter Cole. And then it happens a second time – a bad date, fudged escape, and rescue by Cole. It has to be fate!

Kelsie and Cole go through customary ups and downs in their short but intense relationship before a delightful, realistic happily ever after.

The novel is funny and fresh. Lindsey Brooke writes a straightforward romance with easy, natural dialogue — especially between Nanci and Kelsie. She writes an awesome subplot, too: Nanci and Cole’s friend Joe hit it off in a different but still big and romantic way.

Operation: Date Escape is great fun… lighthearted chick lit romance with realistic characters and laugh out loud moments.


P.S. The cover doesn’t do the book justice.

Buy it now Operation: Date Escape

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