Review: Ten by Gretchen McNeil

11958033 The premise of this book seemed interesting to me – suspenseful, horror-ish YA book. The book description seemed very Scream like to me, a movie which I loved and have seen a dozen times at least.

Best friends Minnie and Meg get a secret invitation to a private party on an island. When they get there they realize that there were a total of 10 people invited to this party – from different school and from different cliques in those schools. From the beginning it’s obvious things are not quite okay between the best friends who are both interested in the same guy – T.J. He’s at the party and that makes Meg nervous.

When the party gets going and a movie is put in the party takes a quick turn to the twisted when a bizarre video plays and Vengeance is Mine scrolls across the screen. From there things get much, much worse. Out of nowhere one of the teens die and a huge storm hits. Things are crazy and scary – the girls have no idea who to trust.

While this book deals with a scary topic and is a young adult book I did not get either of these feelings from this book. There were a few twists and turns that were unexpected but none that were scary in any sense. The relationship between the two friends also seemed a little young younger than the young adult books that I read. I would suggest this to maybe a 10-13 year old who likes a little darker books. There was not a ton of gore. Overall just not a book for me.

2 stars.



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