Review: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

12813630 Tana wakes up the day after a party in a bathtub, afraid to find out how embarrassed she should be about the previous night. She makes her way out to the front room only to discover a bloodbath in the living room. Immediately Tana knew without a doubt what killed all of her friends. Vampires.

She finds Aidan, her ex, tied to a bed with a vampire in chains in the room as well. Before she knows what she’s doing, she finds herself rescuing them both. Aidan has been bitten and as Tana escapes she gets grazed by a tooth of one of the vampires in the house. This means they have the potential to go “cold” and have an 88 day time period where the symptoms can get worse. Tana has personal experience with this from an awful time at a very young age. They head to the closest Coldtown – towns that are cordoned off, vampires rule and regular people go there in search of eternal youth.

This book was outstanding. The very first chapter grabs on and does not let you go at all. It was bloody and creepy but not overwhelmingly so. The world building in this book was dreary and hopeless, yet also integrated the technological world that we know so well. Coldtown is filled with bloggers and attracts people who are coming there to connect with their “people”. This part of the world felt very real to me and was something that I could easily imagine to happen in this kind of situation.

On top of the technological and present world the author did a great job of building her own mythology of vampires into this world. Gavriel is an old vampire who is integral to the plot. These vampires are gritty, bloody, and creepy, just how I like my vampires.

I loved this world. I loved this book. I would highly recommend, it had been way too long since I had read a good vampire book!

5 stars


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