New Releases for October 22, 2013

Happy New Release Day!! I’m hoping that you woke up to all the books you were waiting for. Here are some of the books, that have caught my eye.
16055479The Temptation of Lila and Ethan (Ella and Micha)
This is the third book in The Secret series. I’ve read the first in this series. The second keeps taunting me. And now that one is out, it’s really gonna get annoying. So I must hurry up. so I can read about Lila.

16070143Teardrop (Teardrop Trilogy)
I am sooooo excited for this one. I loved her Fallen series and I know this is going to be good also. She writes the perfect YA books. I can’t wait to start this one.

17860217Trust in Me: A Novella (Wait for You)
This is a novella, which is basically Cameron’s POV. I’ll admit, the first one didn’t snag my attention, like I hoped. However, I love the male’s POV, so this may redeem it. So it looks like I may be buying this one. đŸ™‚

10616322Allegiant (Divergent Trilogy)
And last but definitely not least, we’ve Allegiant. I know for a fact that no one will be on their computers, unless it’s to update Goodreads, when this downloads to their kindles. Since I’ll be on the road, driving home from a book signing, I’ll be staying off it, until I can sink my teeth into this one. I am so excited for this last book. I think the hype about the Divergent movie will help the sales of this one. Plus being only $6.99 pre-ordered, can’t beat the price.

Now go and enjoy your books.


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