Review: Miracle Road by Emily March

Spanning autumn and ending at Christmas (into the New Year if you count the epilogue), Miracle Road is traveled by Hope and Lucca, each trying to overcome grief and depression. They lift each other up with family and community help. In the end they find a way to love themselves and each other.

I’ll be honest, my favorite part of this book was tall, dark, hot, hunky, lean, brawny Lucca Romano. Somehow his broody self was so very appealing (i.e. sexy). Lucca’s brothers were just as awesome, though they took a back seat in the plot.

Hope is just as appealing a heroine. She’s a kindergarten teacher, a stand-in hoops coach, and a volunteer in the community. She’s headstrong and maybe somewhat of an introvert. I totally related to her and loved her character.

Lucca aside, my other favorite part of Miracle Road was a full-on cry fest at the single most romantic thing Lucca could have done for Hope. I read happily-ever-after romances all the time, and I didn’t even see this coming. Grab some tissues, and prepare to be impressed. It’s brilliant, in more ways than one. 😉

Miracle Road illustrates how a strong sense of family can help someone overcome a personal life challenge. The book has other romantic subplots, as well as friendships and mentor-ships that bring people together and uplift them. Emily March’s writing is good, her character development strong, and her ability to create a strong, sensitive, swoon-worthy hero… beyond excellent!

Miracle Road is #7 in the Eternity Springs series, but it can definitely be read standing alone.


Buy it now Miracle Road

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