Review: The First Kiss of Spring by Emily March

I’ve got to say, this wasn’t the Eternity Springs I was expecting! I thought I’d be reading light and sweet but what I read was dark and heavy.

While I liked the present day Josh character very much, his past was pretty dark, and that cast a shadow over much of the plot. His moodiness was understandable but just a little depressing for Eternity Springs.

I expected Caitlin to be the predictable small town girl/breath of fresh air, yet her character development was a little uneven: she’s still a young woman without a family of her own, yet she leaves her big city job to become a day care worker. She wants to be out of her parents’ clutches, yet she is just as judgmental as they are.

This book was well written and had cameos of characters from prior books. I loved Celeste’s hand in making sure everyone lives out their best life. Despite being thrown off by these two particular characters, I did — as usual — enjoy all the magic Eternity Springs offers.

If you’ve been reading the Eternity Springs series and wishing the next book would be more serious, a little gritty, and spicier than the previous books – Emily March has written this one for you. 🙂



Review: Heartsong Cottage by Emily March

Shannon has a broken heart – and a secret. Daniel has a broken heart – and is a detective.  It’s up in the air whether they can find healing and solace together, or if their trust issues supercede their chemistry. 

Heartsong Cottage is the latest in the Eternity Springs series, which I find charming and heartwarming. 

Romance? Check. A wedding? Check. A drunken mess? Check. Good friends? Check. Celeste working her magic? Check and double-check. 

When Shannon and Daniel wade through uncertainty, the Eternity Springs community comes through for them. Love from their friends and the healing spirit of the town are more than these broken people hoped for. And I appreciate that kind of charming embrace. 

But the trope has been overdone. I’ve read too many stalker-traumatizes-and-detective-saves-the-day suspenseful romances. I skim-read about a dozen pages in the middle of the book because I felt like I had read them before – in a half dozen romance novels in the last five years. 

March’s writing is excellent. The characters are loveable. Eventually there’s resolution and a nice, tidy, happy ending. But the journey there wasn’t the fresh new adventure I was hoping for. 


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Review: Teardrop Lane by Emily March

Rose is a small-town physician who always keeps her cool. Unless she’s alone – and then she grieves her demons. Cicero is a brooding, passionate glass-blower whose temperament can be as hot as the furnace. Through the love they have for Cicero’s nieces and nephews, Rose and Cicero see past the facades and fall in love. Sometimes love isn’t realistic, though, and a relationship might not be in the cards.

As usual these days, what I really loved about this romance was the inclusion of familial love and loyalty. Rose and Cicero put the children first, no matter what. It was also fun to read about glassblowing. March did a wonderful job describing the process and the resulting art – so much so that I could envision each glass piece as Cicero created it.

Even though Cicero wasn’t the expected alpha hero type that I usually read, I enjoyed this love story for its warmth, fantastic locale descriptions, and the art of glassblowing.


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Review: Miracle Road by Emily March

Spanning autumn and ending at Christmas (into the New Year if you count the epilogue), Miracle Road is traveled by Hope and Lucca, each trying to overcome grief and depression. They lift each other up with family and community help. In the end they find a way to love themselves and each other.

I’ll be honest, my favorite part of this book was tall, dark, hot, hunky, lean, brawny Lucca Romano. Somehow his broody self was so very appealing (i.e. sexy). Lucca’s brothers were just as awesome, though they took a back seat in the plot.

Hope is just as appealing a heroine. She’s a kindergarten teacher, a stand-in hoops coach, and a volunteer in the community. She’s headstrong and maybe somewhat of an introvert. I totally related to her and loved her character.

Lucca aside, my other favorite part of Miracle Road was a full-on cry fest at the single most romantic thing Lucca could have done for Hope. I read happily-ever-after romances all the time, and I didn’t even see this coming. Grab some tissues, and prepare to be impressed. It’s brilliant, in more ways than one. 😉

Miracle Road illustrates how a strong sense of family can help someone overcome a personal life challenge. The book has other romantic subplots, as well as friendships and mentor-ships that bring people together and uplift them. Emily March’s writing is good, her character development strong, and her ability to create a strong, sensitive, swoon-worthy hero… beyond excellent!

Miracle Road is #7 in the Eternity Springs series, but it can definitely be read standing alone.


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