Review: Dating, Dining and Desperation (a Dear Daphne novel) by Melody Carlson

20140301-231459.jpg Newly released book two in a series, Carlson’s Dear Daphne novel is just as fun as book one. Dating, Dining and Desperation is exceptionally written with heartwarming characters, flawless dialogue, and a thread of faith in God.

In this installment, Daphne tries her hand at dating a few men one after the other. Her dating capers felt real — and I sympathized with Daphne having to endure some of those guys! When she finally re-focuses, an old friend takes notice and opens up about his feelings for her. Before he does, Daphne rounds out her life by spending time with her neighbors, befriending a neglected little girl, and trying to finish her novel.

I am charmed and completely won over by Daphne. She is good-hearted, keeps mostly to herself, is willing to step out of her comfort zone (with a nudge), and can be a little bit goofy. Her faith in letting The Lord sort out her life is exemplary, and she sticks to her values no matter what is going on around her. But Daphne is no goody two shoes. Carlson shows us what’s in Daphne’s head: insecurities, jealousy, complaining, hopelessness, uncertainty. And while we the readers hear Daphne’s inner sighs and see her eye-rolls, she makes sure she puts her best and most Godly step forward whenever possible.

Carlson says book 3 will be out soon. I’ve already googled (in futility) looking for a release date. I’m going to have to practice some patience while I await Home, Heart and Holidays, as well as the fourth and final book.


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