Review: Most Eligible Sheriff by Cathy McDavid

20140305-225205.jpg I always enjoy a little suspense in a romance novel. Most Eligible Sheriff kept me on the edge of my seat without scaring the pants off me. I appreciate that, since I don’t like to be distracted from the romantic plot, and, let’s face it, I like my pants to stay on.

In this cowboy romance, Ruby comes into small-town Sweetheart to hide from a stalker, and conveniently she takes her twin sister’s place at home and at work while sis is off gallivanting with an ex-boyfriend. Who knew that Ruby would start to have feelings for Sheriff Cliff?!

Cliff is doing his best to protect Ruby and stay professional. His best isn’t that great though, because he manages to fall hard for lovely Ruby.

Most Eligible Sheriff delivers a gunfight, a drooly police K9, some cute nieces and nephews, small-town celebrations, and life on a ranch. It was a nice, easy read with a nice, easy romance happening.

Real life is crazy, and I read to escape from crazy, so a well-written (and predictable, to be honest) romance with a side of suspense is my perfect cup of tea.


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