Review: Delightful (Big Sky Pie #3) by Adrianne Lee

20140306-223525.jpg I think this is my favorite Big Sky Pie novel in the series!

Andrea manages the office at the Big Sky Pie bakery and cafe in Montana. When owner Molly decides to have a production company film a reality show pilot at Big Sky Pie, Andrea spends a lot of time with producer Ice Erikkson. Between trying to act normal with all the cameras around, and attempting to temper her lust for Ice, Andrea doesn’t know if she’s coming or going. Ice is impressed that someone so sexy can handle daily emergencies with such grace and aplomb…. But he doesn’t feel worthy of a relationship, only a fling.

The emotions in Delightful were more realistic than in many romance novels. Andrea really did try being reasonable instead of letting her heart lead the way. Ice, too, did the grown-up thing and got his life in order before trying to share it with Andrea.

The reality show filming portions were funny but believable, the characters were developed appropriately for the size of their role in the novel, and Andrea’s children lent a lovely family vibe to the story. I enjoyed seeing all the facets of a local bakery and how the business runs.

Delightful is a light, cozy romance set in a small town. I expected to enjoy it like I do so many other romances, finish it, sigh happily, and then go to sleep. I didn’t expect to cry or get butterflies in my stomach … or get that full, tense, heart-pounding feeling in my gut that you get when you’re falling in love.

Yeah I felt that. Adrianne Lee did such a good job writing the falling-in-love part that I felt it too. And while the rest of the book is excellent, it is worth reading for the falling-in-love feeling alone.



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