Musing: The Three-Star Review

The whole book-rating thing isn’t so helpful, I’m afraid. I don’t blame Urania for avoiding a star rating whenever she can help it. It’s not accurate in so many cases, and frankly, there are so many reasons to give a book three stars instead of four, that who even knows if you’d like the book unless you actually read a review?!

So, why do I give a book three stars? Because it’s a nice, enjoyable, straightforward way to pass the time. Usually a three star book is somewhat predictable, evenly written, maybe a little bit superficial. I always like a three star read. (If I didn’t, I’d give it two stars.) I just don’t love a three star book.

Three stars means it didn’t pull me in and make me live in the story. It means I probably didn’t cry or laugh out loud. Likely, I didn’t need to go off and tell people about it when I was done.

But the three star reads still have a place in my weekly reading. Most notably, they are relaxing. I don’t have to put a lot of intellectual or emotional effort into a three star book. I can just veg out and read, and let the story wash over me.

So if you’re about to pass by a book that I gave three stars, reconsider. Read the review before you decide. Maybe you need an easy-on-the-heart-and-easy-on-the-mind book. I know I often do.

Check out recent reviews by Pegasus and the Muses.

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Musing: The Three-Star Review

  1. I’m one of those people that read ALOT of reviews before i buy a book. People often rate a book on their personal preference and not objectively . Doesn’t mean the book wasn’t solid, it just wasn’t that person’s cup of tea. I give three star when its a straight forward past the time read, not bad but not great read OR when the writing was poor or distracting from the plot, but the premise of the book was catching.

    • I agree with your solid book/not cup of tea comment! And each reader or reviewer has their own definition of three-stars, making it difficult to rely on. I think you have the right idea: reading numerous reviews before buying a book!

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