Musing: The Three-Star Review

The whole book-rating thing isn’t so helpful, I’m afraid. I don’t blame Urania for avoiding a star rating whenever she can help it. It’s not accurate in so many cases, and frankly, there are so many reasons to give a book three stars instead of four, that who even knows if you’d like the book unless you actually read a review?!

So, why do I give a book three stars? Because it’s a nice, enjoyable, straightforward way to pass the time. Usually a three star book is somewhat predictable, evenly written, maybe a little bit superficial. I always like a three star read. (If I didn’t, I’d give it two stars.) I just don’t love a three star book.

Three stars means it didn’t pull me in and make me live in the story. It means I probably didn’t cry or laugh out loud. Likely, I didn’t need to go off and tell people about it when I was done.

But the three star reads still have a place in my weekly reading. Most notably, they are relaxing. I don’t have to put a lot of intellectual or emotional effort into a three star book. I can just veg out and read, and let the story wash over me.

So if you’re about to pass by a book that I gave three stars, reconsider. Read the review before you decide. Maybe you need an easy-on-the-heart-and-easy-on-the-mind book. I know I often do.

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Happy reading!